Jazooli Sound 3.5mm Aux Bluetooth Reciever

Depending on the age of your car, you may or may not have a bluetooth enabled car stereo for steaming music from a mobile or iPhone. Mine will pair with a phone for handsfree calls, but not for music (that feature came the following years model!)

My Car does however have an Auxiliary port in the form of a 3.5mm headphone socket which is located next to the Cigarette lighter, between the handbrake and gear stick. From a german car maker It really is the last place you want cables running to or from an iPod touch. What I needed an Auxiliary Bluetooth receiver that i could plug into the Aux Port and just leave there. Unfortunately this was the cheapest option in Halfords at £59.99

To eBay!

5 minutes later, from the Jazooli store on Ebay i found this £6.79.


Estimated delivery date 7th January and sure enough, the morning of the 7th January it popped thought the door.

Jazooli Box

Inside the box : The Bluetooth Receiver, a short male to male 3.5mm headphone jack and a Mini USB cable for charging the built in battery (3 -4 hours of playback apparently)

Box Contents Bluetooth unit and cableBluetooth unit and light

Once unpacked, cables connected, i switched on the Bluetooth receiver and paired it with the iPod Touch (remembering to enter the 0000 “secure pairing code” which is printed on the rear of the box)

A confirmed pairing sound is heard, hit play on iPod touch and all working without an issue. iPod can be anywhere in the car and no cables are cluttering up the centre console, or cluttered around the gearstick or handbrake. There doesn’t appear to be any interference with the car stereo’s hands free calling either.

I’ve not had a chance to test the battery life properly yet, but with the usb port for power, it can be easily plugged into the cigarette port adapter for juice.